We all live in a world that has been transformed by manufacturing. If you take manufacturing out of the picture we are all just cave dwellers waiting for good weather. Manufacturing, as an industry, makes productive use of our natural resources. When combined with the talents and creativity of our people allows us to make products that enhance our way of life. Our quality of life and our high standards of living are all directly related to manufacturing. These products make our lives better by addressing a specific need which can be very important or very trivial. At the end of the day it makes no difference. The reward for addressing human needs is personal achievement, community service, pride, and financial success. And on that notes, you can say that there really is no other industry that can claim to be a center of wealth creation like manufacturing can. Because if you’re not making products then you’re servicing companies that make the products. Any company that provides a value added service basically sources all of their income from a manufacturer of some kind. Manufacturing is at the beginning of the process that makes our economy function. And that is why it is so important. If you were to chart the economic history of countries like China and India, struggling to get out of poverty, the things that their government focused on first and foremost was their manufacturing capabilities and how to improve them. These countries have all advanced for the benefit of their people, some more than others. But it is important to understand that what separates the USA from all of these other countries is our capacity to innovate and manufacture efficiently. It is because our society is based upon personal freedom and the rule of law, a concept than many countries can’t seem to comprehend. The ability for Americans to innovate is greater than anyone else because of how our country was structured. Evidence is in the fact that we are the largest economy in the world. Our success over many years has been sustained by advancements in technology which in many cases has been generated by American businesses. It is important for business owners, employees, and students to be aware of all of the changes that are taking place in technology because these changes will shape the future of our world. And that future is being made, by manufacturers!
— George Yust IV - President SME Chapter 2